Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Emotional Branding :: essays research papers

This article explaining emotional stigmatisation was an interesting read. The beginning of the story really grabbed my attention. I establish always found it a comfort to realize that even truly searching people can non watch everything and do some sentences have to ask for explanations. Although we have all been told that there is no such thing as a stupid question, except a question that is not asked, it is difficult in the phone line world to ask for help or an explanation, without feeling inferior, or worrying if your business colleagues will think you are incompetent.The author genuinely wrote in this article that, after years of helping companies build their stakes, Im still baffled by the reality that so many another(prenominal) smart business people still dont understand the power of a brand. At first I was irritated with this command and worried that the rest of the article would just be egotistical extolment on the author and his vast knowledge. I was glad that h e recovered(p) and redeemed himself in the next sentence by stating that, it was the first time he realized that the one thing that has the most dramatic impact on the success or failure of a modern-day business is withal the least understood.I completely agree with the fact that a brand is not a part of a business it is actually the business. If a company does something to ruin its brand in the eyes of consumers, it has damaged its business and may go bankrupt. It is very important that a company is legitimate with its brand. If it is not consistent with its brand, then consumers may find it hard to count that company as trustworthy. This is a rather difficult task, because branding is not something that is typically taught in business school. Trying to find a happy brand is basically trial-and-error, because there is not a definite recipe that businesses can use to develop a brand.

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