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Jesus Christ and the Red Cross Knight Essay -- essays papers

the Nazarene deliverer and the expiration violate KnightIn his first sacred scripture of The Faerie cigarette, Edmund Spenser recites the tale of the trigger-happy jump Knight and the many trials and tribulations that he encounters along his quest to save Princess Unas kingdom. Throughout the tale Spenser makes many allusions to the personnel casualty dog Knight being a Christ-like character. All of the qualities and attributes which red-faced go after develops along the way lead up to his personification of Christ on the third day of the dragon fight. Many of these allusions are contained in minor(ip) images and references.The first image that Spenser uses to relate the tales significance to Christianity and Christ appears in canto I stanza iv A lovely Ladie rode him faire beside,Upon a lowly Asse more light then snow,Yet she much whiter,...Seemed in heart some privy care she had,And by her line a milke white lambe she lad. (I.iv.) An image from the pertly Test ament can be grasped from this scene. Picture Red Cross as Joseph on his way to Bethlehem leading the Virgin Mother Mary, Princess Una, who is riding on an ass carrying Jesus Christ the Lamb of God in her womb or in this case behind her. Although through this image Red Cross is seen as Joseph and not Christ, it is understood later in the invoice that the lamb represents what Red Cross could perform through the help of Una and the trials he will face during his quest. The vision of Una as the virgin Mother of Christ solidifies her as having such characteristics as chastity, truth, and innocence. Each of these cement Una in the place of a perfect Romance maiden, one who can lead her booster rocket to his utmost potential that of a true romance hero. The adventures of Red Cross mirror the temptation in the dessert ... ...dragon with his sword, which represents Gods Word, he aims at the mouth of the beast, exemplifying Christ destroying Original Sin at the descent and or Satan. ( pg.150 foot6) By ideologically killing Satan Red Cross has reached his full potential and in the future will become St. George. In this first book of The Fairie Queen Edmund Spenser embodies in his main character, the Red Cross Knight, humanitys battle with Satan and evil. Throughout the epic the Red Cross Knight and even Prince Arthur are, continually representing Jesus Christ and his victories on the Cross and at the end of time. They are both representing Jesus Christ in all that they do and the qualities of a good Christian. This personification of Christ culminates at the end of the story with the Red Cross Knights victory over the dragon.BibliographyEdmund Spensers Fairie Queen

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