Saturday, February 16, 2019

Murder, Mystery and Intrigue in My Last Duchess Essay -- Robert Browni

Murder, mystery and intrigue all describe Robert Brownings poem, My Last Duchess. From the speakers indirect allusions to the cobblers polish of his wife the reader is easily lead to think that the speaker attached a vengeful crime out of jealousy. His elaborate speech conf substance abuses and disguises both possible motives, and the mystery is left unsolved. Even if he did not start his wife, he certainly has something to hide. Based on the poems historical references, ardor and structure, the Dukes dogmatic and jealous nature becomes evident.An ambiguous quality about the Duke is his historical character. The nonessential the poem dramatizes clearly references the historical Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara, who married Lucrezia, girlfriend of a cosmos who later became pope, the Medici, in 1558 (Rudy 169). Within two years of their marriage she suspiciously died. We know that Brownings Duke has a nine-hundred-years-old name of which he was very proud, and, based on his collect ions of paintings and sculptures, that he was a patron of arts. Both facts correspond with the historical Duke. The poems duke of Ferrara, his last duchess, the Count with whose servant Ferrara is here discussing re-marring and a dowry, and the new fair daughter are also historical, but the interpretation of what actually took place among them is Brownings own. The style and structure of this poem plays a significant role in the entrap of the poem. My Last Duchess exemplifies the important elements of Brownings talent for dramatic monologue, his ability to evoke the free reaction of a person in a particular view or crisis (Bloom 35). This format suits this poem particularly well because the speaker, taken to be Duke of Ferrara, comes across as being v... ... aspects of the Duke that remain unclear include his current character. As mentioned, he is presenting his best side, but through his speech the use of historical references, style, and structure helps the reader sees how he is very jealous and controlling, which leads us to believe he may have many dishonorable qualities. whole shebang CitedBloom, Harold. Modern Critical Views of Robert Browning. sore York Chelsea House Publishers, 1985.Browning, Robert. My Last Duchess. Literature An initiation to reading and writing. Ed. Edgar V. Roberts. 6th Edition. New Jersey Prentice-Hall Inc., 2001. 695-697.DeVane, William. A Browning Handbook. New York Appleton-Century, Inc, 1955.Magill, Frank N., Ed. Magills Survey of World Literature. 1 vols. New York Marshall Cavendish Corp. 1993.Rudy, bloody shame K. Poetry for Students. 1 vols. Detroit Gale. 1998. 164-171.

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