Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Water and Vinegar Egg

ROLL 9 ISLOM JALOLOV 12/21/2011 LAB writing ROLL 9 ISLOM JALOLOV orchis LAB REPORT PURPOSE WHICH IS much PERMEABLE SALT wet, VINEGAR, OR CORN SYRUP APPARATUS gear, RULER, E-BALANCE, 250 ML BEAKERS, PEN MATERIALS EGG, weewee, SALTY WATER, CORN SYRUP, VINEGAR INTRODUCTION I AM DOING A LAB REPORT ABOUT bombard, IM exploitation SALTY WATER, VINEGAR, CORN SYRUP, AND I AM GOING TO TRY TO view OUT WHICH IS MORE PERMEABLE THAN ALL. real STATEMENT YES MY RESULTS ARE REALISTIC PROCEDURE STEP 1 COLLECT ALL THE SUPPLIES I select STEP 2 HAVE A NOTEBOOK TO COPY THE hatful THE RESULTSSTEP 3 FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS, THAT SHOWS HOW TO DO THE TESTING ON EGGS STEP 4 OBSERVE WHAT I HAVE CONCLUSION and so ALLMOST ALL OF THEM ARE PERMEABLE DATA TABLE 1From vinegarTo cornsirup -Height change magnitude from vinegar in 2 daysFrom 16 cmNormal globeTo 19cmAfter vinegar-But the nut case deflate and diameter was UndeniableAfter corn syrup -Width increased from vinegar in 2 daysFrom 14. 5cmTo 17 cm-Egg deflated in the corn syrup and diameter was Undeniable 100. 2gEgg smelled bid vinegar till the end of the experiment118. 6g corn whiskey syrup did not change deform Before the project-58. gEgg was still white, although, its crust was very(prenominal) smoothAfter vinegar egg was smooth and had liquids smellAfter vinegar-87. 7gEgg deflated later corn syrupCorn syrup71. 9g 2FromVinegarTo peeing -Height increased from the vinegar that egg was in for 2 daysFrom 16 cm Normal eggTo 18cm After vinegar-After water system eggs height increased21cmAfter water Mass of the vinegar149. 8gEgg was on topPlus the egg swelled the liquidMass of the water98. 2gEgg was in its biggest state Mass of the vinegar149. 8gEgg was on topPlus the egg swelled the liquidMass of the water98. gEgg was in its biggest state Mass of the eggMass after(prenominal) vinegarMass after waterEgg was seen throughIn white orange dots all over the egg 3From vinegarTo saltiness-water -Height increased from the vineg ar that egg was in for 2 daysFrom 16. 5 cmNormal egg heightTo 20 cmAfter vinegar-And when the egg was in water for 1 day it fall in height by 2 cm18cm after water -Width increased by 3. 5 cmFrom 14. 5cmNormal eggTo 18cmAfter vinegar-And when the egg was in water for 1 day itdecreased in height by 2 cm(16cm) after salt water Mass of the vinegar108. gEgg soak the liquidMass of the salt water130. 5gEgg soak the liquid Mass of the egg51. 9gMass after vinegar61. 4gEgg soak the liquidMass after salt-water81. 9gSmelled like vinegar clean colorGummy and very soft Very big in size theme 1 GROUP 2 GROUP 3 DIAGRAM STRING RULER E-BALANCE 250 BEAKER PEN 1. WHAT HAPPENS TO AN EGG IF YOU LET IT SOAK IN WATER FOR A VERY LONG TIME? why? The egg unremarkably becomes lose and heavy, also its size gets larger, these things happen because it was in the water 2. WHY DID WE SOAK THE EGG IN VINEGAR?To see if the egg was porous to the vinegar 3. WHY DID THE EGG IN THE CORN SYRUP take a hop? Lots of the go out of the egg and get mixed with Corn Syrup so it gets pocket-sizeder and its weight changes 4. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE EGG IN THE WATER? WHY? The egg got smaller and it looked little bigger than the first time. It changes because I think the Corn Syrup has elements that shrank the egg but water doesnt. 5. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE EGG IN THE SALT WATER? WHY? It got the egg to becomes really small I think because salt has lots of elements so it happen because of the season

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