Thursday, March 21, 2019

Essays on Death and Suicide - Witnessing Death :: Personal Narrative Writing

Personal Narrative- Witnessing DeathI witnessed the destruction of a man, today. His name was Daniel. He was painting the house following(a) to us. He was on the top couple rungs of the ladder when it folded under him. It was a punk ladder. Corroded aluminum.I am right in the line of vision on the ass porch of our house I hear the ladder starting signal to collapse, and see him hit the ground. At first I call appear to him. He doesnt respond. I guess I should have called 911 then. I dont. I run over to him.Hes barely conscious. I ask him if he is ok, and he cant form any words. Hes moving around his left arm, as if probing for something on the ground. I remember that he has glasses, and then see them put 5 feet away on the grass. I put them on him. hotshot of the legs of the glasses had snapped off, so they dont go on straight.I get my mom. When she gets there, she asks him what is his name. Daniel, he wheezes out. She asks him what day it is, but his eyes glaze over, and h e loses consciousness. She goes in and calls 911. When she comes back out, she tells us that theyre on their way. whence she just stands there waiting next to him, and I sit next to him with my hand on his shoulder. Hes convulsing, and he gasps. I can feel his body tensing up under my fingers. I let go. He is foaming at the mouth. We talk to him, saying stuff like, Itll be ok, the ambulance is on its way. and, Just hold on, Mr. Daniel, hold on, till the ambulance gets here. Hes still for 20 or 30 seconds at a time, not even breathing, it seems like. Then he convulses gently. Each time he convulses, I feel myself sighing in relief, that he hasnt gone yet. It is more serious than I had thought at first.He was still alive when the paramedics finally got there. But (the fireman tell later) he stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating as they stood over him, checking his pulse. They did CPR on him, right there on Ms. Lucys lawn, and a few minutes later, they loaded him onto the a mbulance.I say to the fireman, How is he? Is he alive?

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