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Jean Piagets Stages of Cognitive Development Essay -- childs intelle

Piagets exemplifys of cognitive Development Very briefly describe Piagets spots of cognitive phylogeny and explain what he meant by saying that unripened children are egocentric. implement experimental evidence to consider this claim. Cognitive teaching is what psychologists talk nearly when discussing a childs cerebral growth. Jean Piaget (1896 to 1980), a Swiss psychologist developed a system of cognitive development, which is still much discussed and critiqued today. Providing a firm building block to all work done in the study of child development and the concept that young children are egocentric. Piagets stages are divided into four main steps of cognitive development. Stage one begins at receive and is completed at approximately deuce historic period this is called the period of sensorimotor intelligence. Second stage builds on from the start at the age of about two years, the preoperational period lasts for five years of the childs life. From that the child moves into the Concrete Operations stage, a stage which lasts to the age of eleven. Finally a child will reach the ordinal stage the period of Formal operations aged eleven plus. Piagets rootage stage of intellectual growth, the Sensimotor period can be split into another(prenominal) six parts, each part can be tested by use of simple experiments with babies. Object Permanence is understanding that something any intention is there weither or not the person can see it. For specimen when we put an object such as a cup sight on a t adequate and turn our back to it, it is rational to responsibility that the cup will still be exactly where it was left. Piagets theory stated that babies within the Sensimotor pe... ...e of formal operations the person is now able to think hypothetically In conclusion Piagets theory of cognitive development is backed up with the experimental evidence given from experiments run with infants and children. From birth to the stage of concrete operations the child is termed egocentric. What Piaget meant by calling young children egocentrics was that they are not selfish but have not til now attained the ability to see things from another perspective. Bibilography Gleitamn,H.,Fridlund, A.J.,& Reisburg, D. (1999) Psychology, (5th ed.). New York W.W.Norton & Co. Ginsburg,H.P.,Opper,S.(1988) Piagets Theory of intellectual development,(3rd ed.). LondonPrentice Hall International (UK). Glover, J.A.,et.al.(1949).Educational psychology Principles and Applications. Boston minuscular Brown and Company.

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