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John constable :: John constable

fanny constableWhat made Constable different from the majority of his contemporaries was his military capability towards the things that he saw. He was non, like so many other ornament artists, a conscious seeker of the picturesque. As an artist he was close to self-taught and his periods of formal study amounted to little more than process of directive discipline. His truly master was his own sensitive and perceptive eye (Peacock, 15). It was through a study of nature rather than by a study of pedantic principles that his artistic philosophy was evolved. It was at East Bergholt on the Suffolk side of the river Stour on 11 June 1776 that artist potty Constable was innate(p). The house where John was born is now disappeared, but its prosperous Georgian solidity exists for us in a number of his paintings (Peacock, 15). Golding, Jonhs father, was a miller and the owner of urine move at Flatford and Dedham, and two windmills at East Bergholt (Taylor, 10). The Constables were a rangy family, John was the fourth of six children. Though much is not put down of Johns first school experince , he was sent to Lavenham at age seven (Shirley, 39). There like most of the pupils, ill-use, he stainless it in Dedham grammar school under a Dr. Thomas Grimwood. John did not do well in his studies to justify seeking a public life in the church like his father had wished (Taylor, 11). In fact, Constables only record of excellence at Dedham was in penmanship, and so he was quickly directed into the family business, becoming locally known as the large-minded miller (Shirly, 39). For a year John worked in his fathers mills and so acquired first-hand knowledge of the miller s trade. In the mills what John learned probably stood him in a better stead that all the formal instruction in art he would incessantly receive (Peacock, 16). In 1796 he went on an apprenticeship in London. John apprenticeship to John Thomas metalworker, a draughtsman and engraver, k nown as Antiquity Smith. Constable assisted by making sketches that might be used as subjects for his work. Golding Constable grew impatient and dismissed his sons degustation for painting as a young mans whim, and with the affect for help in the mills, Golding summons John back to Bergholt (Taylor, 17).

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