Thursday, March 14, 2019

Love is Like Water Essay

Love is comparable Water, We can Fall in it, We can Drown in it, erect we cant Live Without it custody argon born(p) lacking(p) to wo workforce. Now Im Sure there are some men who disagree, however it is a scientific fact. Any person born with the y chromosome is born inferior. The conflicting views of men and women have been questioned and debated for centuries. For many an(prenominal) historic period it is said that the male species are superior to women. It wasnt until August 18, 1940 men deemed women smart enough to vote and have our own political voice. work force have al slipway been the dominant species in to a greater extent or less anything in society. It wasnt until recent studies that say women actually have higher IQs then men. It is viewd that juggling family life and building a career on top of that has made women smarter.In reality Women and men brains are adept wired differently. Men differ from women with their emotions, their affection and also their c ommunicating skills. Women are said to be more emotional than men The fact of the issuing women do actually communicate with through emotions and intimacy. Research fork ups that women workout speech communication as a way to maintain and develop relationships. Women course to play off more emotionally than men, resulting in submerging themselves, (mind body and soul) into making decisions. For example, women oft ask there signficant other are you listening and the man replies yes lamb Im listening and then we reply what did I just opine Its because women feed off of body language.We believe that if your non looking at us, youre not listening. Men see women as little competent to making decisions that involve a carry on of thought, and this is due to womens emotions. Which is probably why a women have never been elected to be president. Women are just more emotional when it comes to, Movies, relationships, and everyday life trials and tribulations. Women use words to star t and continue a relationship with a person they find special and close to their heart. They focus more on what they say and do when conversing, which explains why they also find listening an important classify in a conversation. Those are the causes that affect women more then men. The going of emotion is mostly noticed during the midst of a relationship, when a char seems to not be understood by men and vice versa. Men on the other hand impulsively react to situations for the sake of having a reason to do so. Men tend to simplify their communication in times ofhardship, they do not express themselves they way women do.Many women believe that men are very simple minded with no acquaintance of anything, and dont care round anything. In reality most men can communicate and their patterns for thinking are based on logic and reasoning. Men communicate as a way of force play rather than as a way of reaching out to another(prenominal) person. For men, conversation is the way you ne gotiate your status in the world and forbear people from pushing you around. They use their communication skills to preserve their independence. Men tend to think that it is logical to state how important their lives are so that they would turf out above other men and be seen as the Alpha mannish. During a conversation, body language seems to play a much smaller role for men. Men tend to be less skilled at using body language to influence communication without seeming to be doing so. The males brain has a greater mass and more gray matter, which leads to a higher ability to process information as facts instead of their emotions like women. Women show affection in a lot of ways. Women show their affection by physical touch, holding hands, giving hugs, or rubbing our significant others back. Some women do it by saying dainty things. Some do it by giving gifts.Other women may show their affection by cooking you tasty dinners. There are a lot of ways to show affection, and no two wo men show it in exactly the same way. Actions speak louder than words is actually more than a clich, its truer of men than it is for women in regard to how they show affection. men are more likely to show affection in unspoken ways through actions. There is less subtlety with men. When a guy cares about you, he is likely to find ways to spend time with you, whether enjoying your club or sharing activities such as movies, bowling, miniature golf and so on When a man cares about a women he wants to show her off. studies show that, even if a man is not particularly confident, he get out try to engage in physical intimacy with the one he loves and cares deeply about. Women relationships focus on making connections talk is crucial to this process. share secrets, relating experiences, revealing problems and discussing options are essential during a womans development.Women loosely take another approach to relationships. Their mate is not less profound, its just different. focusing on a ctivities rather than conversation. Men believe communication should have a crystal clear purpose. Every conversation is ruminate be problem solving or a point that call for to be made. Communicationis used to get to the root of the an issue as efficiently as possible. Women uses communication to discover how she is feeling and what it is she wants to say. She sees conversation as an act of sharing and an opportunity to increase intimacy with her partner. A women tries to advance negative feelings to strengthen her bond with the man she loves. Although there are many diffrences between men and women. For the most part, men and women use, and prefer, the same ways of comforting their partner.

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