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the study of aerodynamics and gravity Essay -- essays research papers

My topic for the science f standard pressure is Which move objects fall the fastest? . Many factors affect the speed of aerodynamics such(prenominal) as the different forces on the object. The aerodynamics of the object and the physics contact the object. Great scientists have studied falling objects such as Galileo Galilei and Sir Isaac northward. I will discuss their lives, experimentations and scientific findings.Aerodynamics is the study of force on an object. It has been called the science of flight. Aerodynamics consists of two Greek words. Aerios means concerning the air , bit dynamis means powerful . The wind duct is the basic experimental animal in the studies of dynamics. The three chief(prenominal) forces used in aerodynamics atomic number 18 the lifting force, the scuff force, and the weight force. Aerodynamics is technically the science that was used to fortify flying machines, such as helicopters, airplanes, jets, and rockets. Aerodynamics principles be pr imarily concerning flight. However, aerodynamics principles are used in designing automobiles and train bodies. Since aerodynamics besides studies get hold of manes in the air, aerodynamics help determine frictional events in gas ducts and it also helps chart the flows of the pollutants in the air. It has been base that people have been fire in aerodynamics for thousands of years. Aerodynamics not only involves the inquiry of the object(s), notwithstanding also the reaction of air to the object. When aerodynamics has plenty of rolling components, you then will see friction. Friction is a force that resists the relative motion or tendency to such motion of two bodies in contact. natural philosophy is the study of matter and energy and their reactions. The word physics comes from four main languages. Although strange, these four languages all pronounce physics the same way or they are very close. These four languages are Old French, Greek, Latin, and center field English. Mi ddle English is the English language from 1100 to 1500. Isaac north was the person who experimented with many areas of physics, nevertheless it was Galileo Galilei who discovered that all items fall at the same speed without air. Newton discovered that forces do not cause motion they cause acceleration. Newton also discovered that a force is not needed to continue an object in motion. Newton conducted several experiments. His most famous experiment happened in his backyard. He was sitting under an apple tree re... ... gondola will not hit a last(a) velocity. Thus, it will hit the ground first. But, at that place is only air resistance inside of atmospheres. In plain space, there is no air resistance. If you jumped, you would float up, up, and away. People go on their lives trying to figure out more(prenominal) about air and air resistance. There was tons of stuff on Google, trust me These people found out that the thickness of the air changes the amount of air resistance th ere is. Drag force, which is the force that tries to drag you up, is weaker than gravity. The drag force plays a classical role in all speed-related sports. The drag force is the most important factor in swimming. The drag force affects vertical motion too. The drag force affects skydivers with parachutes. The wind fills the parachutes and slows the skydivers down.In conclusion, there are many types of forces that are used in free falling such as, air resistance, gravity, terminal velocity, the drag force, and former(a) frictional forces. There is so much reading on free falling and I have barely make a dent in it. If you would like to find out more information about air resistance, free falling, or any other forces, just check my bibliography.

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