Sunday, April 28, 2019

A journal article critique in the family health area - 1

A journal critique in the family health area - Article ExampleThe author employed the methods correctly since all the results indicated that chiropractic look at produced positive results that improved the quality of life. However, there might be error in the research, since the author assumes that those who do not pee chiropractic kick do not get other health services, but in reality they could be receiving other health care in different forms. The evidence in support of the topic great deal be the 1992 research where people who stock chiropractic care had a higher immunity than the average population or cancer patients. Dr. Petro states that chiropractic health care imparts maximum efficiency to whatever genetic makeup one may be possessing, while in the 2005 research, the study indicates that chiropractic health care determines normal physiological process which influence DNA repair and oxidative stress. This implies that subluxations removal has a positive influence on healt h.The strength of the evidence can be that chiropractic care has positive results on the immune arrangement and can be recommended for quality life, while the weakness can be that those who got chiropractic care may have lived in the same environment which favored the practice or have specific biological background. The author supported the topic by explaining that the immune and nervous system were connected, and therefore manipulating the nervous system would produce a result, which in this case is chiropractic care which has positive results on the immune system.Other authors have conducted chiropractic research. They include shekelle et al (1992) and they concluded that manipulation of the spine fastens recovery from modest low back pains, after literature review on 25 trials. Van Tudler, Bouter and Koes in Netherlands run aground superior evidence for efficiency of manipulating the spine for chronic back pain. Bronfort (1999) conducted a review and found footling term capac ity

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