Monday, April 22, 2019

Hacker Culture and Cyber Security Issues Assignment

Hacker Culture and Cyber Security Issues - identification ExampleBlack hat hackers are the most daring because they use their familiarity to obtain tuition and data for their own personal gains or with the intention of disrupting network systems. These are the hackers that have given hacker culture a bad reputation in America because they have been involved in activities of acquire military secrets and accessing banks secret breeding. On the other hand, white hat hackers use their knowledge and skills to develop data processor securities while grey hat hackers are mainly motivated by money. In this new term of digital, cyber crime is the most imperative type of crime that worries many people around the world. Government agencies, monetary institutions, businesses and other entities that store their data and information in digitals should be aware of possible breaches of warranter in their data. This is because very sensitive data such as financial accounts and social secur ity stooge be accessed and manipulated by other people with wrong intentions. These people commonly referred as hackers use their outstanding knowledge to find out weaknesses in computer networks. Multitude of reasons such as challenge, profit and protest is what motivates them to cranny into other peoples computer system to get information. ... In addition, the advancing technology has change magnitude international treaty of crimes committed through computer networks and meshworks (Fideral Bereau of Investigation, 2010). Some of the crimes that take place in the internet are computer related fraud, violation of internet security, child pornography and information hacking. Although many people do not know much about hackers, they are aware of the cruel damage they can accomplish in computer networks. This is because they have the capability of circumventing security to get into the unauthorized systems. Todays cyber world has been facilitated by different hacker cultures which are made of both good and bad hackers. Accessing information and data from network systems and selling in the black market has become a way of invigoration for many hackers in the nation. They have reshaped their own place in the current technological societies by robotic modus vivendi (Seltzer Law, 2012). Hacker culture, which was considered as part of underground activity, is now part of the modern societies that consist of very better criminals. This is because nowadays due to growth of technology at an alarming rate, societies are getting accustomed to hackers threats. This has created security concerns for businesses, public institutions and individuals across the world. Although the government is making positive steps to deter cyber crimes, it is unable to keep the gradation of groups and individual hackers (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2011). The pledge of computer system hacking was first developed by students from Massachusetts take of Technology (MIT) in 1800s. The y created a blueprint that facilitated their skills to originate through telephone companies. These skills were then developed and allowed the students to break into

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