Tuesday, April 9, 2019

High School and Republic High Books Essay Example for Free

High School and Republic High Books studyMs. P Andy Lau Argumentative Essay Censorship is the government is control the media, censorship can used to control or protect people. approximately groups feel that books with objectionable material should be censored for many antithetical reasons,such as sexual content,against a religion ,bad language,racism violence. I believe that books shouldnt be censored because we have the right to read it,and it depends on your own personality.Therefore I intend to prove that the banning of books in schools is completely unjustified. In Fahrenheit(postnominal) 451,There is a old women in the story,she is willing to die to not leave her books. It shows that books are so big to us, and our society that she was willing to die rather than give them up,also the character Guy Montag is curious to read those books,she quitted his reflect for those books. In the obligate You have insulted me by kurt Vonnegut. He is angry because his books got bur ned by the school board.Thats because people speak coarsely in real lifethis shows people speak bad intelligence operation in real life,so why cant books have bad words. Both the article supports my intuitive feeling that book shouldnt be banged from high school. Two books pulled form Republic school library shelvesthis article is two of the three Republic High books singled out in a public complaint wear year will now move backd from the school curriculum and library. Those three books are emitby Laurie Halse Anderson.Kurt VonnegutsSlaughterhouse Fiveand Sarh Ocklers Twenty Boy Summer. And they didnt banned Speakbecause it didnt describe sex so much,and it has a good message. Also they just banned those books in classroom,students can still read it in library and independence reading . The second article is talk of the town about parents and school districts have debated what books are appropriate for a school library collection and what books should be banned. ACLU didnt ban books because they say its against the First Amendment .also they saidYou clearly cant remove a book because you disagree with the ideas in them,this shows books shouldnt get banned . We have to see different face of books ,bad way and good way. I believe that books should not be censored because books can station us good messages and our imaginary . It also depends on your own personality,if we have a evil listen ,we could only see the evil thing in the books,if we are normal human,we suppose to able to exact something form books,so I am sure that banning of books in schools is completely unjustified.

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