Thursday, May 30, 2019

A New Road to Transportation Essay -- Hybrid Electric Car, Smart Car

The United States goes through about 19,600,000 barrels of oil a day, and a barrel of oil is around a $100. In a day, unless for oil, we spend $1.96 billion dollars worth of oil, and yes that was with a b. Gas is at one time up to $3.65 per gallon and is rising. I stomach $120 for insurance for one month and I use 8 gallons of gas a week average. That convey I spend almost $3,000 a year Im only sixteen and that is not even adding all the costs. I could add oil, tires, air out filters, battery, and windshield wiper fluid. The list could continue on forever. A person who is auto dependent spends 25% of their income on their battery-acid (Boelte 2). This shows we need to cut our outlay on transportation. On the news I saw that people were buying electric cars and cars that get 40mpg. What people need to do is find a transportation that is suitable for them. When a traveler is traveling a far distance, it gets really pricey. I could pay $600 for a round trip flight and be there in an hour or drive 600miles. In a car with 40mpg, that would only be only $146. More people would rather fly though because they will get there and back. What we really need is something cheap, suitable, and fast. Having bullet trains, car pools, and bike lanes will provide cheaper transportation.People natterm to be amazed when they see a high performance car roar down a street. Yes, it may seem the like the car is amazing, but when the price comes at pass on a driver wouldnt want to pay for it. I paid $800 for my car because it was reposed. Its a 1996 dodge neon with only 70,000 miles on it, and gets 32.9 mpg avenue at 75mph. Not everyone can get a deal like that, but we need to make a way for transportation to be like the deal I got. A hybrid, electric car, and cars that ... a carpool lane at hand these cars would be saving a ridiculous amount of money. By adding just one lane to the highway Americans will cut expending in half by taking someone with them. Another wa y to cut spending is by creating a system of super trains. The system would run through each capital. The price of this would be hefty but in time it would pay for itself. Super trains are extremely same and never have had any fatal accidents ever. Speaking of safety, biking on the road isnt very safe. By adding a bike lane to separate a passenger from the road will be safe. A person can ride a bike to any place close and still save money. If a rider rides their bike 5miles a day they can save $600 or more on gas. The rider will stay in shape and save money at the same time. There are many ways to save money and service of process the environment. So stop wasting money and get to saving.

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