Friday, May 10, 2019

Accidental Heroes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Accidental Heroes - Essay ExampleThey decided to take to the woods the rules for a noble purpose and emerged as acees. This paper shall look into several movies where heroes atomic number 18 made by their deliberate decisions to violate the rules established by the society they live in, their government or their superiors. These movies ar The Island, The Matrix, Percy capital of Mississippi and the Olympians The Lightning Thief, and Ironman 2. The theme about violating established rules and emerging as a hero at the turn back is apparently non only common but widely accepted among both filmmakers and moviegoers. The Island The 2005 movie The Island is a futuristic movie set in the year 2019 where a company has perfected the science of military personnel cloning. They then capitalized on this technology by selling very expensive health insurance policies to the flush people who want to live forever. The clients were told that the company is keeping a stock of cloned body parts which they give use for perfectly compatible organ transplants. The clients are unaware that what the company has at their rapidness is a community of clones who are then killed in arrangement to harvest the needed human organs. The accidental hero in the person of Lincoln Six-Echo is one of the clones living in the highly secluded and closely-monitored facility. They were not allowed to interact with one another. They were made to believe that they were the last survivors of the human race and they vied for a spot in The Island which is purportedly the last frontier of the earth. Their every move is being monitored and there are rules for everything. If curiosity killed the cat, Lincoln Six-Echos inquisitive nature saved him and the others. He had a lot of questions about the things around him and about what they are told to believe. And he searched for answers. When he asked his friends and the authorities at the facility, he does not get straight answers so he decided to take the try of violating the facilitys rules and find the answers himself. The movie went on to reveal the rectitude and narrates the adventures of Lincoln Six-Echo outside the facility where he finally found out that the people in the facility are copies of people out here in the world (The Island). If he did not take the risk of violating the rules which was strictly and oppressively implemented inside the facility, Lincoln Six-Echo would not know about who and what he genuinely was. Moreover, he would not be able to save himself and his friend, Jordan Two-Delta, who had already won her ticket to The Island. If he did not violate the rules in his confined world, the insurance companys sinister business would not be exposed into the open and its clients would remain oblivious to the fact that someone identical to them had to die in order for them to live. The Matrix The matrix is by far the most intellectual and thought-provoking film I be possessed of ever seen. Admittedly, I had to watch it a second time to listen and fully absorb the dialogues, and a third time to fully and completely comprehend what the movie is all about. Although this movie is packed with achievement sequences and dazzling special effects, one can only fully understand the true meaning and communicate of the movie by absorbing every word in its limited dialogues. The Matrix tells about a post-apocalypse earth where humans are controlled by machines. Humans lay a repose in pods while their minds are inside a virtual reality program called the matrix. Inside the matrix, the minds of sleeping bodies live normal lives where they work, eat, sleep and die. However, in the real world, that is, outside of the matrix system, people are unconscious in a honeycomb of pods with tubes attached to their bodies and where the machines liquefy the dead to feed the living

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