Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Difference between theology and religious studies Essay

Difference between theology and religious studies - Essay ExampleOn the conventional account, theology differs from other forms of reprehension, including religious studies, for one or both of two reasons (1) because it has to appeal to special criteria of faithfulness for some if not all of its assertions and (2) because the theologian has to be a believer who already holds these assertions to be true. (Ogden) commonwealth of the Christian faith cannot accept principles of other religions, unless they conform to Christianity. An example would be a Christian believes deliveryman Christ is the Savior and is equal to God the Creator. This means a Christian would not adopt views strange to this, such the Islamic or Judeo belief in one God. Theology only reaffirms the belief in Jesus Christ.different from religious studies, as well as from other forms of reflection, even it it were in secure compliance with the same standards of reflection, since the sufficient ground of its differ ence is the question that constitutes it a distinct field of reflectionnamely, the reflective question as to the meaning and truth of the Christian religion, or witness of faith. (Ogden)Religious Studies is lots used as a general heading, covering a multiplicity of possibly conflicting methodological approaches to religion. Some of them still tend to be regarded as alternatives to Theology. (Leirvick)Many of the non-Christian religions have religious discipline in their Temples, Mosques, and other institutions instead of teaching their religion in colleges. College courses for these religions be for knowledge, not the believer. Theology is taught at colleges and universities built around the theological muse. Religious studies are for knowledge, whereas theology is for the believer in Christianity.Theology is the study of the Christian faith, whereas religious study deal with every other religion. Theology is taught in mainstream colleges and universities. Religious studies are also taught in mainstream colleges and universities,

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