Thursday, May 16, 2019

How Does Globliztion Affect Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

How Does Globliztion Affect Women - Essay ExampleThis essay stresses that communiction is lunching womens rdio sttion to educte women bout their ramificationl rights nd similr mtters. In the SIL rdio series on The Individul nd Globliztion, lwyers helped crete spce in which women in the developing world told their stories to brod udience. In Ecudor, lwyer skilled in medition enbles n indigenous group to void the expense of ntionl courts. Postmodern lwyers cn even pproprite dvertising. Pierre Schlg describes Mobil dvertisement, for exmple, in which the oil compny exploits refugees to enhnce its corporte imge. Whtever its objective, the dvertisement my well contribute to Rortys sympthy--unfocused, sentimentl, but sympthy nevertheless. This base makes a conclusion that the postmodern ttorney represents her client in new wy. Unlike the clssic lwyer, she does not seek to simply represent her clients interests before the pproprite tribunl. Rther, she recognizes tht those interests m y not be cognizble under the lw. The economic rights of mrginlized women re r assert recognized in ntionl lw nd only vguely suggested in interntionl lw. The postmodern ttorney must find other wys to support her clients. Cmpign for Economic Justice, for exmple, ws orgnized by women who hd been on welfre themselves. They filled bus nd trveled cross the country for two months, stopping for series of crefully orchestrted meetings, rllies, nd slide shows.

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