Saturday, May 18, 2019

Policy Topic Search and Selection Essay

Policies argon everywhere, and give birth to be followed by all for success. If they are not followed, consequences can occur, which are mostly negative. Policies are likewise set to ensure the organizations rules are being followed. Health policy is a educational activity of a decision regarding goals in health care, and the plan for achieving these goals. Health policy is also known as a field of study and practice where priorities and values dealing with health resource allocation are determined (Health Policy, 2014).In this paper, Womens Health Policy in regard to the Affordable bring off Act will be discussed. The paper will also provide a quick compendium of womens health and the stakeholders stirred. Let us begin with the definition of womens health. Womens Health cope Womens health care is hard to define because it is so complex. Womens health not completely deals with adult women, it also deals with young girls and teenagers. If put into words, womens health care wo uld be defined as the physical and emotional care a woman needs to ensure she has the best quality of lifetime possible.Womens health care is a new arena in health care that essential be clearly stated in the future to improve the health of a population (South Carolina surgical incision of Health, 2013). This is important because women are the child bearers, and the advancement in womens health care prevents and reduces the burden of ailment or disability that affects women at each stage of life, and ultimately improves women health in the United States crosswise the lifespan. Womens Health Care with the Affordable Care ActWomens, who includes young and teenage girls are the stakeholders affected by this policy. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) included several measures that are changing the profile of womens coverage as the law is implemented. In regards to women, the implementation of the ACA will allow 2. 4 million women be insured. For women, the ACA includes caps on out-of pock et spending for certain low-income individuals and coverage for many preventive services without cost-sharing.There are a lot of improvements to the coverage for women because of the ACA implementation. The biggest improvement is that insurance plans were mandated to cover essential benefits like outpatient and hospitalization care, gestation period care, and prescription drugs. Along with the essential benefits, the plans harbor to cover preventive services and vaccines for women without any co-payments or otherwise cost sharing. Those services are pap smears, mammograms, bone density tests, and HPV vaccine.As of August 2012, plans also have to cover contraceptives as prescribed by a provider, breastfeeding supplies and supports such as breast pumps, screening for national violence, well woman visits, and several counseling and screening services (Womens Health Insurance Coverage, 2013). level(p) though the changes because of the ACA are extensive, they are needed to ensure wo mens health care is at an best level because they are the catalyst by which our next generation is born. If this is done correctly and plans follow, the ACA will fashion access to coverage and care for millions of women across the nation for years to come.

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