Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Sponsorship Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sponsorship - Assignment ExampleCreating a brand image is a collective objective which NASCAR has embraced effectively. Through sponsorships, the company organizes races hat attract numerous fanatics. This forms a strategic opportunity to cuckold the brands. The techniques us include branded attire for drives, referring to car names to represent number one woods and so on. The fitness and favorability of the device number one wood attracts more attention to the car that he is driving rather than his personal being. This satisfies the market objective. The study reveals that the creating human like features on a brand is central to marketing process. The main emphasis here is selecting the silk hat brand personality. This raises the idea of attitude towards the advertizer or the sponsor. This research shows that when hoi polloi show positive attitudes towards an advertiser the n they have a favorable opinion on the brand. The personality of the drivers must blend with the qu alities of the harvest-feast that the sponsor wants to be transmitted to the potential buyers. This is because the sponsor-driver fit greatly affect purchase decision on potential customers. CRITIQUE While brand personality marketing yield better results, the research is super biased on the positive sides of brand personality. This is because the driver-sponsor fit is non the only factor that affects marketing. The relationship mingled with the sponsor and the driver does not imply merging of attributes and therefrom their differences can be easily complete by clients. For example, drivers characteristics whitethorn be consistent with the attributes of the product but the peoples attitudes towards the sponsor atomic number 18 not altered by the presence of the drivers, as such, people tend to differentiate the roles. From the research, the findings that imply the people favoring the brand personality favor the producer or sponsor is not well grounded. In many marketing scenar ios, clients may have good ratings for the personality (driver) and thus come to the events to see him in action, thus their interest may not lay in the brand which hes representing. The essence of marketing is boosting sales. However, sales are boosted by the promotional efforts put in place by the sellers. The research is unconditional that it is a requirement that the driver and the sponsor fit for the success of a brand. However, the potential clients might not be concerned about background relations between the driver and the sponsor. This is a work relationship. The selection of the consumers or buyers is influenced by the driver and the brand qualities. If a client observes how strong or fast a car is, then he or she will relate that to the brand that is being represented. As such, the driver sponsor congruence does not play an important role. Selection of a brand personality may affect the brand image in the long run. This is because the drivers are contacted for particular time or on certain terms. Therefore, the congruence hat last only during events may hurt the brand later. An example is that the driver may be involved in scandals or situations that compromise the qualities and ethics of the sponsor. This affects that image of the brand among the existing and potential clients. Thus driver sponsor fit does not have total influence oer the success of a brand. The research indicates that NASCAR events are well attended due to the fact that people conjuring trick car races. However, the true motive for the race is marketing. Most people will attend the

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