Thursday, May 2, 2019

TMAN Term Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

TMAN Term Paper - Essay sheathre support for open architecture-server based platform support for open OS like Linux, inter-operability with bequest and multi vendors over open standards VoIP support (H323, SIP) and integration of converged applications like UMS. (Gold book Technology options, 2003, para.2).Coming to its disadvantages, it is slow and is inefficient and could be difficult to use in regions where barriers are present. The use of EPABX could be severally compromised when noise and drop of clarity could result in it becoming a non entity and over long distance telephony which is as expensive as unfriendly.Before taking up the aspect of upgrading conventional telephone systems, it is necessary to specialise and understand what a unified communication system really means. It is the integration of real- clipping communication run like instant messages (chat), presenting information, IP Telephony, video conferencing, speech recognition and dealing with unified systems li ke voicemail, e-mail, SMS, fax machines. Rather than being seen as a single product, unified communication system refers to a conclave of products and services which is aimed at achieving consistency in unifying and also in the improved user interfacing. A unified communication system can be gainfully employed in the business form integration.Thus, the main aspects of UC would be to dispense with laborious and time consuming PBX models and have an integrated, electronic state-of-the-art data processor based telephony system that could address young aspects of speed, efficiency and real time use of modern Electronic Communication Systems.What UCS seeks to achieve is in terms of dramatic cost savings, reduction in time and labor and quick and speedy telecommunication systems, not only within the enterprise but impertinent it. Under such systems, it is possible to communicate effortlessly and speedily with employees and vendors, situated in far eat up contract work sites or in d istant places in different parts of the

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