Monday, June 10, 2019

Human Resource Management Term Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Human Resource Management Term Paper - Essay ExampleWhile employees may be dismissed on the grounds of downsizing the organization mostly due to constant loss making, most instances incorporate employees being terminated due to curt performance as well as neglect of their duties (Bernardin 218). The correct termination procedure for a poorly performing employee would involve communication to ensure that the government burn exclusive is well aware of the organizations rules and what is expected of them. In the instance where the employee performs poorly and comes to work late, then the manager should inform them on that issue in a timely manner. This ensures that if it comes to the point that the employee is dismissed, then they do not argue that they were not aware of poor performance. Besides arriving to work late, if the employee does not live up to the duties that have been entrusted on them by the organization without acceptable reasons such as not having been trained adequa tely to undertake those specific tasks, then the subject individual is eligible for termination. However, they should be warned regarding their wanting performance where if they do not improve, chances of dismissal increase. Some employees take unreasonably long breaks, which affects the performance of the organization. Such reasons may go forth the manager to contemplate terminating the subject individual where they assess all required information for justified termination. The description of a bad employee in an organization that determined to terminate them meets the mentioned shortcomings ranging from arriving to work late and not fulfilling their duties to taking perversely long breaks.When the manager decided to terminate the individual, there were certain questions that they had to answer so as to be justified on pushing forward with the identified decision. First, the manager determined whether they had enough grounds to terminate the employee. Grounds may be prone in

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