Sunday, June 9, 2019

Qualities I Lacked to Work Effectively in a Group Personal Statement

Qualities I Lacked to Work Effectively in a Group - Personal Statement moralBeing an egocentric person, the situation was too difficult for me to survive. Being a person who always liked to outperform others and too intolerant in failures, I found the situation humiliating far beyond my expectations. Along with these, the hard reality hit my mind that my abilities were not as good as I expected and I had a long way to go to prove my mettle. It became a nightmare for me to work in a group in the field. some a time, I found my seniors engaging other members in the team with works that I could do better and adding to my woes, I always erred or had deficient knowledge in the unmatcheds I was handed. I was getting criticized but had no way to react as I found myself in a instauration where no one seemed interested in recognizing the talent of another one instead, everyone was looking for ways to undermine others. It was a picture that I never dreamt of. on that point were two things that I lacked lack of knowledge in certain specific areas and lack of experience. It was too confusing for me to take a decision on one hand, I wanted to quit the profession forever and on the other, I wanted to prove my abilities after getting the required qualifications. Finally, I decided to indue off my ego and asked my tutor about the future blood line I had to adopt. She was to a greater extent than ready to provide advice and on her advice and support, I decided to join this furrow so that I can improve my knowledge and have a new beginning with sufficient knowledge. In addition, I wrote to MSF after joining my course and I am advised to complete my studies to apply for even better positions in MSF. like a shot, I am happy that I did not lose tenderness and give up the idea. Feelings looking in The incident made me look deep into the wide variety of emotions that ruled my mind at that time. As I already mentioned I had an egalitarian nature and I had a problem acceptin g suggestions and advice and I always nurtured the feeling that I am better than others and it was so in my academic pursuit. However, out in the field, I found it hard to digest that what I do just goes wrong or the workplace requires more ability than I possessed. It was totally indigestible and unbelievable in the beginning as my ego did not accept it that easily. Still, I knew very well that I could do much better than what many others did but had no opportunity. I found it humiliating as I was very often criticized for the lack of knowledge. Now I have to accept the fact that the reason behind my misery at work was mostly because of my ego and lack of knowledge compounded with my detest to seek help from others. However, the feeling of utter disappointment made me seek help, though reluctantly, and when I sought advice and became ready to accept, the solution was immediate.

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