Saturday, June 1, 2019

You Really Cant Go Back :: Personal Narrative Essays

You Re anyy Cant Go Back As we grow aged and return to the places of our childhood, we are often surprised to discover things are not as we remember. A childs memory of a place, such as a family holiday spot, will be very different from that of an adults. Particular details like size, glamour, and level of excitement are often escalated in the eyes of a child. iodin place I loved as a child was Mayville Amusement Park in Mayville, New York. The day after school was out, my parents would take me, my brother, and a few of our friends to Mayville Park. I can remember the excitement I felt as we loaded in the car. The trip took about two hours. During that time, my friends and I would contrive our day down to the last detail. First we would ride the scroll coaster and then the rocket ride. After driving for what seemed like days, we finally arrived. I remember intellection to myself how big the greens was and that this must be what Disney World looks like. I felt lik e a small fish in the ocean. Everything looked so big and so scary. First, we headed straight to the roller coaster. As we got on the coaster car and began up the steep incline, I remember thinking I was high enough to touch the clouds. This roller coaster had to be the biggest in the world After the roller coaster, our next stop was the rocket ride. The rocket would shift back and forth, move up and down, and pivot all around. I felt like a real astronaut. After all the moving around in the rocket, Daddy decided he would take us to the arcade so our stomachs could settle down. I remember I would continuously try to win the big stuffed bear at the bottle toss, tho it was always too hard. Soon we would be out of quarters, and Daddy would tell us it was time to leave. I can remember my brother and me begging to stay longer, but we always had to go. As we loaded in the car to head home, I can remember thinking to myself that when I grew up I would bring my children to th e park and let them stay as long as they wanted.

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