Tuesday, July 23, 2019

How do UC Berkeley and UC Boulder strategic IT plans compare against Essay

How do UC Berkeley and UC Boulder strategic IT plans compare against the Baldridge criteria and each other for assessing strategic planning - Essay Example There are seven main categories of Baldrige criteria that can be unswervingly implemented for analysis and organizational research: Furthermore, there are several crucial core concepts ranging from agility to systems perspective which can be recombined to create special assessment blocks. (Baldrige Performance Excellence Program 2013) UC Berkeley’s (2007) IT plan has been developed in a straight forward manner, where all its chapters are almost directly interconnected with each other in numerous ways. The plan, first of all, seeks to focus on the fundamentals of IT infrastructure management and related service issues. The plan prioritizes delivery of excellent customer service, which expands on customer engagement and governance. In this way, the university seeks to deal with student expectations with a corporate attitude. Contextually, the university plans to improve the security of its IT related data and assets. The university seeks to make special provisions of research support. Enabling campus-wide shared IT services is the prime stepping stone for achieving these aims. The IT plan thus addresses collaboration issues along with a final emphasis on continual improvement of its IT services and applications. UC Berkeley’s attitude of focusing on the basics of IT infrastructure management shows that the IT action plan has a strong strategic grounding. This approach is in accordance with the Baldrige criteria group of Strategic planning. Direct Customer focus criteria can be implemented and further improvised along with the university’s vision on expanding customer engagement. The university also addresses Workforce focus criteria by continuously evaluating its governance system. Core concepts of agility and societal responsibility are implemented as the university seeks to provide research support along with optimal IT security. This same

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