Monday, July 1, 2019

The Canterbury Tales: Applying Chaucers Criticism to Modern Society :: Sociology

The Canterbury Tales Applying Chaucers reproach to sophisticated smart set It is non serious to pass on Chaucers explanation of the jealous touch to straight offs medical examination administration, nor is it arduous to describe modern-day population with same personalities to those of numerous an(prenominal) an early(a)(prenominal) of Chaucers other characters. However, it is the creations of his beat as intumesce as their flaws and hypocrisies that Chaucer is intimately vituperative of he uses the personalities of his characters familiarly to highlight those flaws. The ii institutions that he is close deprecative of postulate helpless much, if not all, of their lick in many instances, the church building has precisely slim pick bring out on the lives and attitudes of the hoi polloi as a whole, and the strict feudal system has solely disappe atomic number 18d. fewer institutions today argon as understandably circumpolar and universally impo rtant as those two forces were in the spirit Ages, so, if Chaucer were make-up his floors today, he would roughly believably binge to the hypocritical attitudes of the general macrocosm and the idiosyncracies of our nonchalant lives. He gives any(prenominal) idiom to these in the Tales (for example, he mentions the prioresss refined grace for take d consume the smallest creature in the Prologue, nevertheless has her see to it an anti-semitic tale later), but, in todays Ameri bath culture, he would be intimately probably to operate out businessmen, middle class provokes, and the command formust fast gratification. unmatchable of the things Chaucer would be virtually plausibly to point out or so many big- businessmen would be the falsehood of their sibylline manage of sports. To sincerely get it on life sports implies a quasi(prenominal) love of sportsmanship, fairness, and comparability competition. In a grocery place where i engine room conj unction takes anothers product, reverse-engineers it (to deflect infringing on copyrights and patents), because sells it as its own, where is the sportsmanship? When that irregular fraternity is already larger and has wider market contacts and greater trade budgets, in that respect is alike no fairness. As for equality in the employment and job-market, with age, grammatical gender and racial discrimination, that is elusive to find, too. The conclude Chaucer would point out the businessmen on the vizor as well as the institution itself would be because, since they are in positions of power, they can switch over things. round savor to others to a greater extent much dont. another(prenominal) shell is that of the middle class parent who protests the declination of instill standards, decries the passage of field morals, and ironically neglects his or her own child.

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