Monday, July 29, 2019

Theory X Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Theory X - Essay Example One of the best views of these is that provided by Bobic and Davis. The authors have brought out excellent views on how the Theory X and Theory Y operate within companies. As explained by Bobic and Davis, â€Å"We conclude with a comment on what all this might mean for the future of management. If people are different (some adaptive and others innovative) and personality is relatively invariant, then the management task becomes increasingly complex† (Bobic & Davis, 2003). I completely agree with their views and believe that in the current times, the main reason that might cause a management for fail is due to the use of a single approach of management. It is essential to note, with the changing times and with the high levels of competition that is currently prevalent in the markets, it is now a necessity for the managers to not only focus on one method of management. The needs and working styles of employees are very different and a single office can have a wide range of characters including those who are very adaptive to those who are very innovative. Hence it is the duty of the managers to use this as a chance of training themselves to meet the varying needs and not to stick to a single theory. An excellent example of this is the case of my previous job. I worked there part time, and my manager (knowingly or unknowingly) followed to the point, the theory X. There was always an environment of discomfort in the environment and despite having some of the best in his team; the manager was unable to run the team effectively. The employees in his team included people with great insights, interest in their jobs and a strong level of dedication. However due to the behavior of the manager, a number of people started to quit their jobs only to get better jobs in better companies. Considering the impact that Bobic and Davis have had on Theory X and Y, it is essential to note that in the current times, leaders cannot be one who

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