Monday, August 26, 2019

Basic principals of the constitution Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Basic principals of the constitution - Assignment Example It therefore becomes pertinent to select the principle that best guarantees the effectiveness of the American democratic structure. This paper would also seek to establish the extent at which this principle has been used effectively to defend the core American values. Federalism is a system of government in which governmental powers are shared among the different tiers of  government in which each tier  is coordinate, independent, and exclusive in its own sphere of authority (O’Connor, & Sabato, 2001). Separation of powers is a doctrine propounded by Baron de Montesquieu which stipulates that in order to avoid arbitrary use of state power, power should be separated and shared among the organs of government such that no organ becomes stronger than the other(O’Connor, & Sabato, 2001). But over the years it has been discovered that this principles has not lived up to its expectation because America had presidents who were overwhelming and dominates the legislature. A vivid example is President George Bush, after the September 11 Al-Qaeda masterminded terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre, the president presented a bill to the congress to invade Iraq. Before the house could pass the bill he had sent troops to wage war in Iraq. This was contrary to the constitutional provisions which states that before the United States would engage in a war, it must be ratified by the congress in a joint session. The overwhelming influence of the president has this principle ineffective. In the light of this,  is the principle of checks and balances which states that an organ of government should act as a watchdog on the other organs of government so as to curb their excesses. In America, checks and balances has shown the relationship and interaction between the executive and other arms of government (O’Connor, & Sabato, 2001). As the executive rely on the legislature to pass a bill  he wants to become law, the legislature

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