Saturday, August 3, 2019

Human is a fallen God who remembers Heaven :: Personal Narrative Writing

Human is a fallen God who remembers Heaven "Rafal, why don't you participate in the contest that I was talking about. I think you have a chance to win" my teacher proposed. When I was in fifth grade in elementary school I had my first chance to participate in an art contest. The name of the contest was "spring," so kids had to draw or paint a picture that represents the landscape in the spring season. In school there were many kids who could draw and paint well. My friend Marcin really made better pictures then I did, so when I went home from school I didn't have enough faith to even try. I didn’t do anything about that whole day. The next day, I told my teacher that I was not going to participate because I did not feel like I had a chance to win. At the end of the class, the teacher asked me to wait because she had something for me. That day I was really surprised; she gave me brand new paint and a couple of brushes from the school supplies and told me that I could borrow these tools to do the artwork for the contest. She also added that if I won I could keep these. She really empowered me to participate, and I realized that I had nothing to lose. Running, I took the shortest way home. I just couldn't wait to get to my room and open the jars of paint. It wasn't difficult that I thought it would be. I really enjoyed painting and that was actually my first time I painted something. It seemed like I was painting before. The idea of the design came fast; I visualized one of the artworks that hung on the wall in our art classroom. I don't remember the name of the artist, but the well-composed picture showed trees and a river in bright and natural colors. So, I tried to do a similar painting. My idea was to make the river flow from one side of the paper to the other, with trees in front of the river and behind, and I added a house in the middle. It took me almost the whole afternoon and evening to finish this artwork and no one helped me. That was one of the happiest days of my life. I was very surprised what I had done.

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