Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Intellectual Property Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Intellectual Property - Case Study Example Step I.   Understanding the situationStep I.   Understanding the situationA.   List and number the relevant facts, check whether the fact is an ethics or legal issue, identify potential harm.        Ã‚  Fact : Intellectual property right is significant in promoting creativity which in turn requires protection.                           Ã‚  Ethical: Its violation kills the spirit of innovation and is significantly unethical.   Legal : The law is clear that invading the intellectual property is punishable by imprisonment or fine Potential or resulting harm :Violation of such IPR is retrogressive to the society at large.                     B.   List the stakeholders involved.  The copyrights society, the government, artists and creative personalities.C.   Which of the above facts has a societal impact?  1. List the local (US) impact of the ethical dilemma.-Possible disagreement among the management team members-Possible disciplinary measures for the violators by the copyrights authorities.  2. List the Global impact of the ethical dilemma-It has cost the world a lot of money to the unscrupulous businessmen.-It has attracted strict patent, copyright and intellectual property rights regulations.Step II.   Isolating the major ethical dilemma.  A. Restate the primary ethical issue using the form:   Should someone do or not do something?

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