Thursday, August 8, 2019

International Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 6

International Management - Essay Example in the standardization and adaptation process include the legal-political climate, social-cultural make-up of the target market technological, economic and demographic factors, etc. (Doyle and Stern P. 35). During a product’s launch into a new international market, multi-national firms can decide to either use their standardized marketing mix or adapt the mix to suit the market. In my study I am going to discuss the different standardization and adaptation strategies employed by different multi corporations like; Pepsi, Mc Donald’s and Toyota motors in the international business market. In several instances, a multi-national firm is forced to adapt its products and services marketing mix strategies to meet the local consumer needs. Also, the company is influenced to apply marketing mix techniques to deal with wants that can’t be altered due to factors such as culture, belief, economic conditions among others. McDonalds is a global producer of fast foods but their burgers, and other foodstuffs are adapted to local needs alongside tastes and preferences. In the Indian market where a cow is a venerated animal, their fast foods contain other meat products in place of beef. In South America McDonalds’ burgers come highly chilled due to the natives love for excessively chilled foods (Learn marketing, Para.2). In the Middle East where Pepsi is the leading soft drinks producer, it’s less sweet as compared to Africa where sweetness is preferred. The locals have a culture of growing sugar cane which tends to affect their consumption tastes and preferences (Learn marketing, para.2). Toyota Motors Corporation is the leading producer of automotive in the world. Its headquarters are situated in Japan decided. The company decided to use its standard production techniques for all its companies in the World with minimal changes to adapt it to the local environment. Over the years, Toyota enjoyed monopoly in terms of cheaper and fuel economic consumption. However, in

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