Tuesday, August 27, 2019

On the behind The Soloist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

On the behind The Soloist - Essay Example With personal endeavor in seeking proper evidences that would either prove or disprove the blogger, my research has led me to findings that agree with Lechuguilla’s statement from which to affirm that, indeed, â€Å"The Soloist† is a film based on true account. Through a tribune newspaper website Los Angeles Times, in June of 2011 or approximately two years after the movie was released, Steve Lopez who is himself a certified Los Angeles Times reporter for real wrote â€Å"A love of music brings Nathaniel Ayers out to the Foshay Learning Center to perform with kindred spirits.† On the same page may be viewed pictures that reveal the true Nathaniel Anthony Ayers in a 3-D flesh holding and playing a violin similar to the portrayal of his character in â€Å"The Soloist†. ... Furthermore, Hilary Lewis of the Business Insider told that a segment in 60 Minutes show tackled about a significant event in the friendship between Lopez and Ayers for which a video documentation was rendered. In the interview aired primarily on the 22nd of April in 2008, Lopez confessed of having chronicled the mental struggle of Ayers through a number of columns for the Los Angeles Times until Lopez decided to create and publish the book â€Å"The Soloist: A Lost Dream, and Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music† which detailed the real situation of Ayers as a figure of wonder suppressed by schizophrenic battle with life. Other relevant observations of the real-life Nathaniel Ayers were drawn from psychiatric analyses conducted with the following ‘Diagnostic Impression’ (Heffner, 2002): Axis I: Clinical Syndrome(s) Schizophrenia Axis II: Developmental and Personality Disorders Inclination to developmental disorder may be observed through the per son’s pervasive deficits in social interaction, with chief preference to be left on his own having sought mastery of natural endowment, the period of which extends from his adolescence until becoming part of the skid row in the greater L.A. community. Moreover, eccentricity on certain aspects reflect through cluster-A personality disorder as (1) paranoid: showing distrust/suspicion of people, which may have ensued from visual hallucinations, leading to angry outburst; (2) schizoid: dullness/indifference as in a social gathering in school with occurrences of only partly seeing the reality while the other view maintains abstract connections (3) shizotypal:

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