Saturday, August 10, 2019

Personal Development Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Personal Development Plan - Essay Example Humans made huge advance due to the doctrine of Empiricism (Power Point Lesson 2011) Enlightenment, a notion of break through in knowledge, emerged in the sixteenth and seventieth centuries in Europe. Thinking has four idols which Francis Bacon (1561-1626) warned of removing from human mind; Idols of the Tribe, Cave, Market Place and the Theatre. Tribe limits human thinking, Cave sets narrow perspective, Market Place determines regions for trading and Theatre that stages act is prepared by human thought systems (Power Point Lesson 2011) The core component of knowledge is fact. Research is made on the basis of facts. All facts contain data and all data is created by human action. Each individual determines as to how the data created by someone is to be used. Appendix 1 shows the complex process of interpreting data as facts. The problem of concepts arises with the truth and relativism in data which is dealt in philosophy by a special branch called Epistemology; the theory of knowledge (Power Point Lesson 2011) Most human beings wish to understand their world and many build theories to sense it. Various aspects of world require enormous efforts for comprehension. Mostly people abandon their efforts at sometime and point where they feel satisfied with what they have achieved. The issues in Epistemology as described in Appendix 2 deals with the nature of the knowledge which is an inquiry into a certain concept or idea (Epistemology 2011) The main objective of the study program is to enhance my knowledge while working. The continuous education is supported by my job and my work is supported by the education I get at the University. It helps understand and implement best practices at my work Skill is a set of abilities in an individual consisting of thinking, acting and performing. Skills are achieved through inheritance, training, observation, practice and experience. Skills such as reading, writing and speaking

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