Thursday, September 26, 2019

DQ1_Wk6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

DQ1_Wk6 - Essay Example The decisions are not always taken in the correct manner and hence at times there are serious issues as per their adherence. The standards and procedures need to be followed to the hilt so as to make adequate arrangements for liaising with the people who matter the most. These channel members could be the wholesalers, distributors, retailers or the middlemen who are involved under these channel dynamics. When it comes to branding itself, channel decisions take the front seat and thus become all the more important. (Paley, 2006) Bypassing middlemen in order to save costs and reducing on time constraints might just be the order of the day but then again if the same decisions do not bring in the much needed effectiveness and efficiency for the branding that has been done for a product, the manufacturer might just do away with this issue once and for all. He would resort to employing all the channel members to ensure that his branding ideology is manifested in the most righteous way and that there are no hiccups in the wake of achieving the targets set forth by the manufacturer or the parent organization. There are advantages and disadvantages alike of this bypassing middlemen scenario. Distribution channel model talks about the different retailers, wholesalers and distributors who make the process of transfer of products between the manufacturer and the customer possible. The different means and ways to get in touch with the customers is thus the responsibility of these channel members. The company’s m arketing as well as the distribution strategy is completely focused upon in this business model. There is more accessibility for the channel members that include the retailers, distributors, wholesalers and even the third parties. The relationships have changed between the channel members and are quite apparent by the fact that at many places within the distribution chain we find that there is horizontal and vertical

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