Friday, September 6, 2019

Savannah State Parking Essay Example for Free

Savannah State Parking Essay It’s common for a commuter or resident student to be on campus at Savannah State and not find a parking space. Parking has been a huge issue on campus lately. Nobody appears happy with the rules and regulations for student drivers. â€Å"It’s just not enough parking spaces,† freshman Morgan Walden said. â€Å"They tell us to buy decals, but when we buy them it’s still nowhere to park on this campus. I don’t see the point to spend my money when I don’t get the benefit that it’s supposed to be used for. † There are four different types of parking categories on SSU’s campus; orange for resident, blue for commuter, brown for faculty, and black for reserved. Decals are sold to determine where he or she may park around campus. In between classes I don’t have a place to park my car, and I can’t wait for the bus transportation to pick me up on time,† SSU commuter student Kim Wilson said. She feels like it forces her to park in areas where she may receive a ticket. Many drivers fear the idea of getting their vehicle either ticketed or booted while on campus. More tickets are given in the start of the fall semester, Robert Lemons said. Lemons oversee the writing of tickets and issuing of tire boots on campus. He also stated most tickets are given when students park in a reserved space or on the yellow curb and he alone issues about 10-20 tickets a day himself. Lemons has 3 student officers that work under him. Other schools have different ways of dealing with parking problems, although they also give tickets and boots. â€Å"Early in the morning most of the parking spaces are taken,† Georgia Southern student Kirvin Roberts said. GSU has about five different areas they are allowed to park at on campus. Their parking passes cost $120. They face a limited number of parking spaces like Savannah States which causes students to park in places where they aren’t supposed to. That is how their tickets accumulate. All fines are $30 and if you receive over $100 in tickets their vehicle will be booted. Savannah State is not the only campus that could use more parking spaces. The most recent addition to the campus was adding a new parking lot located where the old tennis courts was positioned. If there were more parking spaces that students were able to park their car, it would reduce the number of tickets giving out on campus on a daily basis.

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