Friday, October 18, 2019

Argument and Persuasion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Argument and Persuasion - Essay Example Marijuana is a drug which has a susceptibility of being misused and the wrong use of the drug can produce deleterious effects on the health of people. Opponents argue that marijuana is an addictive drug and it should not be allowed to be used in any circumstances. This is owing to the fact that the drug affects the normal conscious state of the people and it intoxicates them. The permission of using it in medical conditions will pave ways for the misuse of the drugs by the patients and by other people owing to its easy availability. They believe that this will not only affect the people but it will also have negative effects on the society. Thus, opponents of the allowing of marijuana in medical conditions present that this drug should not be legalized. In the United States, a few states have allowed the usage of marijuana for the management of certain medical problems. California is one of these states. Certain medical conditions like AIDS and cancer are life taking diseases. The management of these diseases is focused upon improving the quality of life of the patients by prescribing them pain killers. Marijuana is a drug which can truly be helpful for the patients suffering from such life hampering pathologies. It can assist in improving their living and help them to live an easier life. Considering the health status of these patients, the usage of marijuana should be permitted for these health conditions. Substances like alcohol and cigarette also have deleterious effects on the health of the people who use them. If marijuana is banned, these substances should also be made illegal. The true fact is that every individual is responsible for his own health and actions. Thus, the medical benefits that the patients would achieve by using marijuana should not be blocked owing to a small group of people who would use this drug for addiction. Furthermore, illegal drug

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