Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Authors Descriptions Essay Example for Free

The Authors Descriptions Essay Making a decision is a talent. Not everyone can make the right decision in such a short time. Therefore, the two main characters Marco and Danny in the two stories First Crossing (by Pam Munoz Ryan) and The Swede (by Alden R. Carter) have faced problems in making adult decisions. These decisions changed Marco’s and Danny’s lives. Additionally, Marco has successfully reached his ambition by crossing to the United States. On the other hand, Danny’s decision puts him in lots of troubles, specifically got him arrested. In the first story, First Crossing, Marco is the main character. Marco is a poor 14-year-old boy. He lived in Mexico with his family. However, he decided to enter the US illegally. Marco’s father paid a woman to help them. Marco has made a huge decision by leaving Mexico with his father. Even though Marco made an adult decision to face death, he ended happily entering the US and being with his father. However, as the narrator said, â€Å"He looked out the window at the people in the cars on the freeway. They were all headed somewhere in the United States of America. Marco wondered how many were headed to a new world.† He knew that he is going to a new world, but he was wondering, how many of those people are like him. In the other story The Swede. Danny is the main character. Danny is a teenager. He is a student. Luke is a friend of Danny. After Per-Erik family moved from Switzerland, Per-Erik met Luke and Danny. Therefore, Danny liked Per-Erik, but Luke did not because Per-Erik’s father works in the United States. And then, after Per-Erik father discharged 200 workers from the company that he leads. Luke asked Danny obligatory to choose between Pre-Erik or him, â€Å"Well, you’d better start. Because before long everybody’s gonna have to take a side and that includes you, your dad, and Mindy Shultz, too. Get it?† Danny decided to take Luke’s side. And then, Danny and Luke start to bully Per-Erik and his family in many ways. For example, they used trash, dirt, and a dead deer. At last, Per-Erik family got irritated from what people did to them, they moved back to Switzerland. Additionally, the police know that Danny has a hand in all what happened, so he ends up arrested. To conclude, the two writers have described the two boys Marco and Danny well. On one hand, Marco’s decision leads him to get a better life and a nice job. On the other hand, Danny’s decision leads him to jail and shamed from his family. Therefore, making a decision has a powerful effect on anyone life, so everyone need to have decision making talent that will help everyone to avoid these mistakes.

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