Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Friends in Cyberspace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Friends in Cyberspace - Essay Example A girl from Middle East, which is a very conservative culture, can be friends with a boy from the UK, without any social ramifications. Online friendships are also not hampered by time constraints as you can leave a message when you have time to a friend, who can then read it when s/he is free. What is more, there are many applications like Google Hangout and Skype, which let you video chat with your friends irrespective of where in the world you are located, helping you stay connected and in touch. Just like â€Å"in real life† people can take time out from their busy schedules to be with their friends and see them and their surroundings physically. This helps form a personal connection with people. There are many friends who meet over at the weekend through some online social application in order to have a chat or just to sit and socialize. Critics also say that the quality of people online is abysmal and that social media, mostly, involve you in just a race to see how many â€Å"friends† you have and not what kind of friends you have. Even though it might be true that there are many bad people online, be they bullies or trolls for instance, however, there are very nice, caring and genuinely warm people online as well. Just like in real life where you get to decide who you want to be friends with out of a group of people, online friendships are a matter of picking out your preferred people from a group as well. Just like in real life, where you â€Å"know† a lot of people but only want to be friends with a select few.

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